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About the Award

CII has been playing a pioneering role in facilitating the accelerated development of infrastructure in India. Towards this, one of the key initiatives of CII is Excon – Global Exhibition and Conferences on Construction Equipment & Technology. This event is South Asia’s Largest event for the sector. Large Industry Conferences addressing Infrastructure, Defence, MSME, Components, Green Buildings, Smart Cities, Urban Development, Logistics, etc will be organised concurrently as part of Excon 2019.

Excon 2019, presently in its 10th Edition would feature more than 1250 companies including 350 exhibitors from 25 countries. The previous edition of this biennial initiative organised in 2017 featured 918 exhibitors including 226 exhibitors from abroad and was spread over an area of 26,00,000 square feet.

Being in the 10th edition, EXCON is keen to explore the current relationship between Infrastructure as a sector and its inclusion of women in the workspace.

We hope to initiate this dialogue through special initiatives launched at the EXCON 2019, titled “Women Building India”. One part of the initiative is the Women Building India- Equal Opportunity Awards.

The award looks at recognizing companies from the Infrastructure sector who have taken proactive steps to enable women to participate in the workforce.

Award Categories

The award is designed for companies from the Infrastructure Sector (Construction, Construction Equipment, Power, Airports, Ports and Highways)

The Award has 3 Categories. Organizations can apply for any of the categories or all of them.

Committed Leader Award

Award to recognise leaders from top management who are currently serving and who have initiated and contributed significantly to the gender diversity and inclusion initiatives in the organisation.

Inclusive Workplace for Women Award

Award to recognize organisations that have seen a tangible change in their gender diversity as a result of their progressive workplace policies

Special Initiative Award

Award to organisations who have promoted and encouraged inclusion and meaningful engagement of women by way of innovative programsor initiatives (operational for at least 2 years) for,

  • Shop floor
  • Corporate office
  • On Site
  • Semi-Skilled or Unskilled workforce

Selection Procedure

The CII Women Building India- Equal Opportunity Awards will undertake a rigorous Four-step process to identify the winners. The steps will include


First shortlist of Applicants via desk review of the nomination forms


Second shortlist of Applicants via telephonic interviews


Final shortlist of Applicants via Due Diligence visits.


Selection of winners by an eminent jury

  • The applications will be shortlisted based on the assessment criteria under each of the award categories. The entries and the supporting documents will be evaluated against the set criteria.
  • The jury will decide on the winners from the short-listed participants, one for each category.
  • The winners will receive a trophy and a citation in the 10th edition of EXCON, to be held in Bangalore on 11th December 2019.
  • The winning organizations must personally accept the recognition at the CII EXCON Session. They will bear the cost of their travel and stay.
  • In case there is no eligible candidate, no winner or finalist for the category would be presented.
  • The decision of the jury will be considered final.

Registration Form

Application closed


General Guidelines

  • To be eligible to apply for the awards, organisations or divisions of organisations (self-accounting profit/cost centres), in the private and public sectors, and government organizations in the infrastructure sector must have operations in India
  • The operations of the applicant organisation must be carried out independently, meaning that responsibilities, authorities, results etc., are clearly defined, and suitably covered in the organisation’s Annual Report.
  • The details of operations of the organisation must reasonably correspond to the Award criteria, which are verifiable at the time of evaluation. The applying company must have an operating unit in India.
  • Incomplete forms or delayed submissions will automatically be rejected